Changing process name of python script in linux

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Whenever you run a python script, it comes with the name "python" in system monitor, which is not very desirable. The well know way of changing name of process in C is changing the argv[0] value. But, that wont work in python.

To change the process name is python, you have no other way but to load the shared C library and call its function. Well, to do so, we are provided with ctypes in python.

Here is the function which will takes its argument as the new name. I used man prctl & content of this /usr/include/linux/prctl.h.

def set_procname(newname):
	from ctypes import cdll, byref, create_string_buffer
	libc = cdll.LoadLibrary('')    #Loading a 3rd party library C
	buff = create_string_buffer(len(newname)+1) #Note: One larger than the name (man prctl says that)
	buff.value = newname                 #Null terminated string as it should be
	libc.prctl(15, byref(buff), 0, 0, 0) #Refer to "#define" of "/usr/include/linux/prctl.h" for the misterious value 16 & arg[3..5] are zero as the man page says.

All the relevant documentation is available here & rest is written as comments..